How beauty can be a choice!

Why is it that we women spend so much time wanting to be more beautiful? Fatter, thinner, straighter, curvier, more tanned, less tanned! We look in the mirror and are dissatisfied. A recent study carried out by ‘Dove’ discovered that only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful […]

What gets me to the point of losing control?

“No!!!” I screamed, as my terrified five-year-old looked up with tears forming in his eyes. Slowly the milk spread across the floor, seeping under the cupboards. I’d lost control, at that moment nothing could be worse than four pints of milk spreading over my kitchen floor! So many times since […]

My personal manifesto (a work in progress)

Everywhere I look I see such brokenness! Broken relationships, broken people! Pain and despair! It can be overwhelming, when was the last time you heard an encouraging, uplifting story being reported on the news? We are surrounded by images of a broken, hurting world. So often we try to drown […]