How beauty can be a choice!


Why is it that we women spend so much time wanting to be more beautiful? Fatter, thinner, straighter, curvier, more tanned, less tanned! We look in the mirror and are dissatisfied.

A recent study carried out by ‘Dove’ discovered that only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful and this is an increase from only 2% in 2004. On the other hand 80% of women agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful but do not see their own beauty! (Source: Dove research: The real truth about beauty: revisited)

As the old Greek proverb says, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ what is it we see when we see beauty in others?

As I have spent time with women exploring beauty, it always interests me to hear the things they find beautiful in each other, sometimes it may be their figure, smooth skin or hairstyle but more often it is laughter, personality, ability to listen or kind words. In turn it is amazing to watch women smile and radiate more beauty when they hear the things that people appreciate about them. It shows that the things we are attracted to go beyond skin deep. I have also noticed that when we focus on things like a slimmer figure, jealousy seems to drag us down to a less beautiful state.

Beauty is a choice….

We have a choice to notice beauty. I have struggled to see beauty living and working in London, something in me yearns to be back by the sea where I grew up and yet I have a choice. When I set myself the challenge to look for the beautiful in my local area I wasn’t disappointed. It had always been there but I hadn’t noticed it. As I made that choice my contentment grew.

Beauty brings life…

Snowdrops always amaze me, they fight their way through the hard soil after a long cold winter, they look so delicate and yet they are strong and speak of life and hope as spring is just around the corner. It amazes me that beauty can be found and fight through such conditions. When I hear stories of courage in the midst of difficulty, I see beauty and am reminded that spring is just around the corner!

Beauty multiplies beauty…

Real beauty multiplies. When I watch courageous women discover a beauty within and listen as they share their stories with others, I can see the ripple effect and beauty reflected on the faces of others as it sparks hope for them. What the media pumps out as ‘beautiful’ often makes us feel inadequate, how can I ever match up to that? You can’t, it is a lie and you are so much more! As you find true beauty from within it will inspire others to do the same. True beauty does not need to knock others down because it finds connection and multiplies!


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