#thoughtfulthursday 1: Give kind comments

Rummaging through the sales in a book shop yesterday a little book caught my eye: ‘Kindness, the little thing that matters most’ by Jaime Thurston (Founder of 52 Lives). She was moved by compassion to help someone in need and got her friends and family to help. This triggered the start of a movement called #52lives. Every week they choose someone around the world to show kindness to. Her work is supported by Dr Mark Williamson who has done a lot of research into the power of kindness to transform the lives of both the giver and receiver of kindness.

This philosophy struck a chord with me as we at Peaced Together have seen how making choices to be kind to others transforms lives. So, over the next 52 weeks I want to share one of Jaime Thurston’s kindness ideas with you every week and also my thoughts and stories on this. So here begins my ‘Thoughtful Thursday’ posts, please like and share so we can spread a little kindness in the world!

I want to start with ‘Give Kind Comments’.¬†As Jaime says, “Unexpected kindness is a powerful thing. With just a few kind words, you can change someone’s entire day.” Who can you inspire with your kind words today? Maybe it is someone you know well that perhaps you forget to appreciate or maybe it’s someone you don’t know who works at the supermarket. Wherever your day takes you spread some kind words and light up someone’s day and transform your own thinking too.


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