#thoughtfulthursday 3: Share your Food

In a country with so much food waste how come we see so much hunger, poverty and homelessness? It is very easy to think, “Well I’m OK, this issue doesn’t affect me.” Yet most of us are only a couple of pay cheques away from hunger or homelessness; circumstances can change in a moment.

Jaime Thurston, Founder of the charity 52 Lives suggests:
“Next time you go shopping, buy one extra thing at the supermarket and donate it to your local food bank.”(Kindness – the little thing that matters most #52lives)

It’s easy to think, “My one tin of beans isn’t going to make much difference,” and that would be right – but when we start a movement of kindness then all our small acts add up to major impact.

My daughter wanted to do 11 acts of kindness for her 11th birthday, one of which was asking her friends to bring something to donate to a food bank instead of a present to her party. We thought that we might have a bagful of shopping to take to our local food bank. Well, each of her friends turned up with bags full of shopping! She was so excited as we loaded the car with boxes full of tins and packets of food and she discovered the joy of giving. Since then she has said it was her best ever birthday, sharing kindness with those in our local community.

Small acts of kindness make a big difference #foodbanks #trusselltrust #cinnamonnetwork


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