#thoughtfulthursday 6: Switch off and connect!

I don’t know how we existed before smart phones – we rely on them for everything: our diary, keeping track of our exercise, connection with friends and family and for work purposes. How was it possible to arrange anything without being able to message ‘I’m 5 mins away’!

Jaime Thurston says, “We are more ‘social’ than ever online, but this can lead to a lack of real-life human connection – especially when we have access to an addictive virtual world in the palm of our hands.” (52lives)

There is an increasing amount of research around the links between social media and depression and isolation. What we actually crave as human beings is human connection, looking up from your phone and connecting with the people you’re in the room with communicates much more value of that person than a pleasant text. It’s about being present in the moment – truly being with the people that we are ‘with’ and not always distracted by all the things that bombard us through our phones.

In our house we have a ‘no phones at the table’ rule. Meal times are a time to connect, to listen, to show care. I am so aware at how my phone can distract me from the needs of my children. Work can follow me home when actually it is time to listen and connect, for my children to know they are more important than my work.

Take time today to switch off, to truly connect, to be in the moment and to rediscover those we love and care for.


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