#thoughtfulthursday 8: Give a gift to a local school

This week’s prompt from the book ‘Kindness the little thing that matters most’ (Jaime Thurston 52lives) is something quite close to my heart. As a former primary school teacher, I know how hard schools work to meet the needs of their pupils, but this was never supposed to be in isolation. There should be a partnership with parents and the local community. When I was teaching, we were always so grateful for the support of parents and local residents who recognised the school was central to the wellbeing of the community as a whole.

There is a saying I love: ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. Many of us have lost that sense of community and shared responsibility, and you might feel this saying no longer applies. But my experience tells me that people are longing for community and a greater sense of belonging. Taking on that mindset, I can say no child in my community should live without their basic needs being met. I could say ‘that’s the parents’ responsibility’ or ‘that’s the school’s job’, but then I step away from the possibility that I too can bring a solution. Even if one gift could make a difference in the life of one child, that small act of kindness would be worth it.

One of the parents at our local primary school started a uniform recycling scheme. We could donate uniform that was still in good condition which our kids had grown out of. It would then be sold on for a very small amount, raising some money for the school while in turn offering affordable uniform for those who might struggle to buy it otherwise. Brilliant!

Is there an item, a skill or even some time that you could give to your local school which will in turn benefit the lives of the children in your community? We can share in the responsibility for our communities and make them better for all.


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