#thoughtfulthursday 21: Change a life with a gadget

We live in such a throw-away world, particularly when it comes to electronic gadgets as we upgrade to newer, better and faster models! Not only is this a huge waste and potentially damaging to the environment, these gadgets can also be reused to make a huge difference to someone’s life.

Did you know that an iPad can help with vision impairment? 52lives is a charity that gathers support each week to show an act of kindness to someone in the world. They recently provided a young boy who was visually impaired with an iPad – an act that will make a huge difference to his life.

Think of the difference it could make if we all gave our old electronics to people who needed them. LifeLine Network International is another charity that sends mobile phones and computer equipment to partners around the world, like Lifeline Nehemiah Projects in Sierra Leone which works with and educates vulnerable children.

Perhaps you could support these or other charities by passing on your old gadgets to make a difference in someone’s life?


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