#thoughtfulthursday 29: Thank the unappreciated


In England, school children break up for the summer holidays at the end of this week. Parents avidly wait for news of who their teacher will be next year and we buy the current teacher a gift to say ‘thank you’. For the most part, I have really appreciated the teachers my children have had. Having been a teacher myself, I recognise the amount of work they put in. But let’s step back for a minute to appreciate those who don’t usually get thanked.

Perhaps the classroom assistants, mid-day assistants or cleaners. What about your children? Do you take moments to really appreciate them – and let them know?

There are many roles in life that go unnoticed – often we could argue, ‘it’s their job, so they ought to do it’. But we know that we shine and succeed when we feel appreciated – especially in the things we have to do that could easily go unnoticed.

Jaime Thurston suggests some ideas to show appreciation:

  • write a note for your child in their lunch box
  • leave a message for their teacher in their homework book
  • thank a bus driver or those working behind the scenes at your work place.

When people feel valued it impacts their wellbeing and motivates them to do an even better job.

“Show the people in your life that you appreciate what they do, whether they are your main cast or your background crew.” Jaime Thurston – Kindness the little thing that matters most

If you are saying ‘thank yous’ this week, consider those who might slip by unnoticed and endeavour to appreciate them.



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