#thoughtfulthursday 36: Be honest!

We can often present a particular image of our life through social media. But what we share is often only part of the truth – and this can be misleading as to how life really is.

I am not a believer in airing dirty laundry in public, but there is something refreshing about people who share both the ups and the downs of life rather than conjuring up an ideal image of their life.

We are surrounded by so many false images in the media portraying what ‘perfection’ is and can get caught in the trap of feeling the need to present a ‘perfect’ image of ourselves. This could be anything from sharing pouty selfies to only posting about the ‘wins’ we have with our work or children.

It’s not just on social media – in real life we can wear a mask to present who we want people to see rather than just being ourselves.

Jaime Thurston says:

“Forget about airbrushing your life and choose to be authentic instead… it makes for real conversations and improves the well-being of everyone around us.” Kindness the little thing that matters most

She goes on to talk about how being authentic is kind to ourselves and to those around us. It gives others permission to be themselves, to be real and honest with the world. It is not about letting the world see an explosion of extreme emotions – in fact we are less likely to experience extreme uncontrollable emotions when we are open and honest with those around us.

So let the barriers down, it is OK not to be perfect – let’s be honest, none of us are!


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