Help us launch Children’s Peaced Together

We have some exciting news – Children’s Peaced Together is nearly ready!

But we need your help to get this fantastic course launched. We are currently running our first pilot and the children (and the trainers!) are loving it.

Over the next few months we plan to run our second pilot phase. Four more Peaced Together locations will trial the course with children aged 7 to 11.

Here’s what three of our young participants think of the course

The benefits of the course for children

We get very excited when we think about how many children will benefit from Peaced Together. The idea to develop a children’s course was born when a headteacher asked whether Peaced Together could be run for children. She had seen the positive effect the course had on parents at her school.

We saw an opportunity to give children a much-needed safe, fun environment to think through real issues and choices they encounter in everyday life. From a young age, our children face so many pressures at school, in their friendships and at home. The course provides a menu of scenarios and activities so that each group can tailor the sessions to pick up on the issues that are most relevant to them.

The Children’s Society and the New Economics Foundation have published research showing that it’s really important for children’s wellbeing to both nurture their natural creativity and give them spaces where they can build friendships and talk about things that matter to them. Children’s Peaced Together combines both these elements – we think it’s a really useful tool to help churches and organisations support the children they work with.

We need your help!

To get to the next phase of development, we need funds to:

  • design and print our new manual so it’s fun and accessible to kids
  • train our first locations to deliver it (running sessions for a group of children is quite a different experience!)

To support us in getting Children’s Peaced Together out into the world, you can donate to our crowdfunding campaign

If you’d like to run a sponsored event or activity, get in touch – we’d love to hear more!

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