The power of (extra)ordinary kindness

When I first heard about World Kindness Day, I was a little cynical that we now need one day a year marked out on which to be kind. 

But actually, it’s more about taking the time to reflect – to be thankful to those who show us kindness and to consider how we can be more kind ourselves. It’s a positive thing to take some time to recognise the kindness in our lives!

Supercharged kindness

Kindness is powerful. The word has connotations with being gentle and soft, but in my experience, kindness can be revolutionary. Your small act can have an enormous impact on the person who receives it.

I asked some friends to describe a small kindness that has made a big impact on them:

“Twice a week, every week, my parents collect my children and take them to school for me. This is lovely for the children and makes my week so much less stressful.”

“I have some friends who know I’m a bit of a foodie (but my husband really isn’t!) They surprise me every now and then by dropping by with food they know I’ll love but wouldn’t cook at home, like sushi, and it makes my day! I gain so much more than just yummy food – it communicates their care for me.”

“I have friends who come and help me clean, not just once but often, when I am feeling overwhelmed.”

“When I was having chemo, my friend realised that I might be tired and arranged with others to pick up my children from school a few days a week. This meant I could rest and didn’t have to keep asking for help.”

One person described how “other people’s kindness makes me more aware of other people’s needs and more likely to act on them.” One small act can have a knock-on effect!

I don’t ever want to get used to kindness – to see the things people do for me as ordinary. Why not spend some time today considering how kindness is weaved into your life and how much it benefits you?

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