Fields of daisies

As I have gone on my daily walk this week, my attention has been drawn to the bountiful field of daisies at our local park. I don’t think I have ever seen so many. Daisies always make me smile and my husband and I often refer to them as ‘friendlies’ after the line in the movie You’ve got mail that says, “Daisies are such friendly flowers.”

They remind me of spring after a long winter and happy times making daisy chains when I was young. This year, the daisies are not having to battle with the park wardens and their lawn mowers, they have the freedom to multiply and show us their full splendour. But even when they are cut back they always spring back with their simple beauty and strength.
They speak to me of untainted beauty, strength and hope. I think that if I could be any flower, I would want to be a daisy and carry with me a simple message of contentment, strength and hope to the world.

Photo credit: Martin Smith Photography, with permission

In the original cartoon version of The Lion the witch and the wardrobe, Aslan comes back to life and breaks the power of winter over Narnia. There is a wonderful scene of him leaping in the fields and daisies springing up where he lands. This image conjures up for me a sense of hope and freedom – no winter can last for ever and no dark time will last forever – ‘this too shall pass’!

So if you are able to take daily walks to your local park, take note of the beautiful spring we are having and allow the daises to speak to you of hope and beauty even in the midst of difficult times.

I got the inspiration for one of our Facebook craft live sessions this week from seeing the daisies on my walk, follow us on Facebook to keep up with our live craft demonstrations.

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