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Whether or not you already have a love for craft, Peaced Together is a great way to reflect on your life

4  What will I learn?

Peaced Together craft projects are all very different, so you will gain skills using a wide range of materials and techniques. The projects range from sewing cushions to creating mosaics. Each finished piece will look very individual – it is always a delight to see how everyone expresses themselves differently.

You will spend some time each session looking at different themes related to each craft, such as hope, beauty and courage.

6  How long does it last?

Peaced Together lasts ten weeks. Each weekly session is two hours long.

2  Does it cost anything?

You may be asked for a contribution to help cover material costs.

5  Find a course

We have over 30 locations across the UK and the Republic of Ireland delivering Peaced Together. If you’d like to find a Peaced Together course near you, please get in touch with us at