Love & Light

I watched the little light flickering in the darkness, one little candle making a difference to the darkened hall. Then slowly that light began to spread, shadows became shapes, shapes became faces, and faces lit up with smiles. It was a Christingle service, a hall full of people each with their orange with a candle in it, and the light grew as one by one each person passed the flame to the next person’s candle. I was only nine or ten, but it left a powerful image with me, I can receive the light and I can pass it on and when I do the light grows and the darkness retreats.

As we enter this season of advent, we might find ourselves contemplating themes like ‘light’ and ‘love’, even more so in times like these when it can feel like there is so much darkness or hate in the world. The bible says, ‘God is light’ and ‘God is love’, and during advent we celebrate Him being made known to us through the birth of Jesus. We have an opportunity to receive His light and love and pass it on.

Martin Luther King said, ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that; hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.’ So, where there is darkness let us bring light, and where there is hate, let us bring love. One small flickering light can make a big difference when it is shared.

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