I watched the little light flickering in the darkness, one little candle making a difference to the darkened hall. Then slowly that light began to spread, shadows became shapes, shapes became faces, and faces lit up with smiles. It was a Christingle service, a hall full of people each with […]

Love & Light

Last month I had a long overdue clear out of my email inbox, unsubscribing from emails I don’t read and deleting page after page of marketing junk! This led to me thinking about which emails I did want to keep reading, and why. I get countless marketing emails from online […]

‘Think on these things’ – unsubscribing from the unhelpful

Marking my son’s maths test this morning, I found myself assuring him, “It’s good for us to get things wrong sometimes.” As I encouraged him, I asked myself whether I really believed what I had just said. Do I live like I believe it’s OK to make mistakes? When we […]

Embrace your mistakes – they are an opportunity to grow

There’s something about the soft bang of the letterbox flap that gives me a burst of excitement each day. Hidden amongst the pizza adverts, utility bills and appointment letters I occasionally find a gem – a proper handwritten letter. As I open the envelope containing a card or letter from […]

Old-fashioned snail mail is a joy to send and receive