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3  What impact does Peaced Together have?

Peaced Together is suitable for women from all walks of life, but we often see particular benefit for those who are isolated, suffering with depression, victims of abuse or ex-offenders.

We often see a marked change in participants as a result of the course. We have seen individuals return to employment, take up volunteering roles, move on to other courses and become involved in community activities that they would not have considered taking part in before.

2  How can my organisation run a Peaced Together course?

We work with churches and organisations to equip them to deliver the course to their communities. Organisations buy a licence to deliver the course and receive ongoing support as they deliver Peaced Together.

In order to gain a licence and become a Peaced Together location, at least two individuals from each location must attend one of our two-day training weekends.

On our training weekends, experienced Peaced Together trainers teach how to lead effective group discussion and how to help each individual get the most out of the course. They also teach the practical skills needed to facilitate the craft activities.

We have developed a detailed training manual that provides:

  • step-by-step guidance on how to run each session
  • a list of tools and materials needed
  • discussion questions and resources.

In some cases, Peaced Together trainers can come and run a course from your venue. This is dependent on availability and location. Please contact us to discuss this option.

6  Prices

Contact us for information on licensing, costs and to discuss whether Peaced Together is right for your organisation.

The Cinnamon Network may be able to provide funding to help set up and run Peaced Together through their Micro-Grants scheme