Growing to love my imperfections

Trainer Catherine Turner from Purley writes about how Peaced Together changed her perspective on beauty and perfection.

A few months ago, with my confidence at an all time low, I somehow managed to find the courage to sign up for Peaced Together.

I can’t really say why I did it – at the time I felt ugly, worthless, and useless. I’d just been through aggressive radiotherapy so I had no hair and felt exhausted and deflated. I was broken – and yet something called me to sign up. Maybe God? By taking Peaced Together, I gave myself permission to do something for me and this proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I realised that I had spent so much time trying to be this ‘perfect’ person, setting myself impossible goals, beating myself up for what I perceived to be flaws, loving everyone but hating myself. Ultimately I had forgotten to simply be happy. I came away after the first week of the course seeing how everything has beauty, even imperfections and for the first time ever I saw that I too could be beautiful.

While on Peaced Together I allowed myself to enjoy making beautiful things and allowed myself to accept praise for them. I allowed myself to see beauty in the things I created and I allowed myself to be proud.

At the end of the 10 weeks I had been on a journey of self discovery and learned to accept myself. But this wasn’t enough for me – I wanted others to see the beauty in themselves that I see. I wanted others to realise that with hope and courage, love and thankfulness, they too can find the hidden treasures in their lives that have always been there.

So with encouragement from others I decided to become a Peaced Together trainer. I feel honoured and privileged to see other women blossom on the course. I love watching their confidence grow and seeing their delight at creating such beautiful things.

We are coming to the end of the first course we have delivered and have had great feedback. We have been lucky to have donations of crockery and material for the crafts and have the full support of our church. It has been great to run the course with another trainer and the two of us work really well together, offering different skills. The waiting list for our next course is already filling up.

When I think back to how I was when I attended my first session as a participant and consider where I am now, I can see that I have grown so much as a person. Yes, I have imperfections, but that’s OK! I have peaced my life back together and I’m learning all the time. I am me, unique and beautiful.