#thoughtfulthursday 30: Embrace curiosity


It is very easy to put the people in our lives in boxes. For example, we might only ever speak to a colleague about work, without finding out about the rest of their world. We need to connect with people on a human level, not just a functional one. It’s not about being nosy, but showing interest, care and concern.

Jaime Thurston believes connecting on a more personal level is good for everyone: “Taking an interest in others may broaden your mind and lead to new discoveries, which in itself can cause a hit of feel-good brain chemicals!” Kindness the little thing that matters most

We can show value to people by taking an interest in their lives. And it can be really good for us as well! We are not designed to function in isolation – we are made for community and connection. So take time to reach out to those around you today, whether you know them or not.



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