#thoughfulthursday 32: Give away a minute

I think of myself as a patient person, but it’s amazing how delays can make me angry and stressed. It could be getting stuck in a little traffic, my toddler taking too long to get her shoes on or having to wait for an appointment.

Being patient is obviously good for the people around you, but it is also good for you! It has been proven that being patient with others improves wellbeing and decreases depression.

Jaime Thurston of 52 Lives suggests deliberately taking time in your daily routine to increase your patience with others: “Try to leave home a minute earlier than usual so you have time to be more thoughtful, let someone ahead of you in a queue and let other cars in when you’re driving.” Kindness: the little thing that matters most

So why not make an effort to use that extra minute this week? You could brighten up someone’s day, and end up feeling better for it yourself!


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