‘Tis the season to get crafting – why we love to create at Christmas time

There’s something about the festive season that brings out the crafter in us. You may not have picked up a pair of scissors all year, but when December rolls round, the prospect of baking your own mince pies or spending a cosy afternoon making tree decorations becomes irresistible.

So what is it about this time of year that makes us want to ‘make’?

Creating happy memories

The festive season is a nostalgic time – memories of being a child at Christmas often involve the magic of learning to make snowflakes at school or building a snowman in the park. We make new traditions as each year passes – many of mine involve craft! Decorating the house or the Christmas tree is a lovely way to get creative. Making an event of it and inviting friends to join in makes it extra special.

Giving a piece of yourself

It’s a wonderful feeling receiving a homemade gift. As well as the gift itself, you are giving hours of work and loving attention. It’s great when homemade gifts turn out well, but even if they are less than perfect, the effort put in communicates so much. Whether it’s preserves, toiletries, decorations or woollies, the handmade touch communicates so much.

Creating a spark of joy in the winter

November and December can feel endlessly dreary and cold. Spending time making new things feels hopeful and productive. A cup of tea and some music you love can create a defiant haven of joy when the world outside feels a bit lifeless.

Lots of festive crafts take a bit of time to mature or complete. Working on your homemade preserves or feeding your Christmas cake brings a bit of festive anticipation to long, late-Autumn weeks.

Creativity helps us rest

We look forward to the holidays as a time to chill out and take some rest. For many of us, spending time on the crafts we don’t have usually have time for is a great way to relax. With our minds focused on one detailed task, we forget the other stresses of life.

Whatever creative things you get up to over the next few weeks, may they bring you joy, rest and satisfaction.

From everyone at Peaced Together, we wish you a crafty Christmas and a creative New Year!

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