#thoughtfulthursday 28: Give people the benefit of the doubt

One of our children had a bad experience this week – another child at school had been very unkind to them.  The teacher dealing with it mentioned to our child that the person who had upset them was going through a difficult time at the moment. The teacher wasn’t excusing their behaviour, but it gave our child a fuller picture and a better understanding.

Later that day my child said, “I’m feeling a bit of compassion for them – I just wish it wasn’t taken out on me.” Often my child responds to incidents like this with anger, but taking a moment to understand another person’s circumstances meant they could respond differently. Of course, this child’s behaviour still needs addressing, but empathy has empowered my child to respond in a more mature way. I believe this will make it easier for them to resolve their differences.

Jaime Thurston challenges us to give people the benefit of the doubt. “None of us know what is going on in someone’s life. If someone is behaving in a way you don’t like, try to be understanding.” Kindness the little thing that matters most

Let’s be slower to react negatively to people’s behaviour – by showing some understanding we could unknowingly be the hand of kindness that brings light to their dark day.


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