#thoughtfulthursday 51&52: Make kindness a thing

Throughout 2018 Jaime Thurston’s book, Kindness: the little thing that matters most was the inspiration for our blog. It has been good to reflect on the many ways we can show kindness to our friends, families and local communities. It has made me more deliberate about being kind and quicker to notice those who may be in need of some kindness.

As we end our theme of kindness, I want to celebrate some of the kind acts and people I have noticed throughout the year.

“Kindness is a powerful force for change and, I believe, the most important quality a person can have. We can all help to make sure it is valued as such, not treated as an optional extra. Let’s praise people for their kindness, admire them for their actions and help make kindness the thing to be most proud of.” Jaime Thurston, Kindness: the little thing that matters most

I want to celebrate:

  • the many volunteers in Peaced Together teams around the country who give up their time to make a difference in the lives of people in their communities.
  • my local team of volunteers who regularly go the extra mile to make things happen.
  • the couple that regularly take my elderly neighbour out.
  • the gentleman who helped a lady, her child and the buggy up some steps at the train station.
  • my sister for her kind and timely text message.
  • my friend who listens and cares.

My life has been enriched by the many kind acts shown by people around me and I feel challenged to be a beacon of life, hope and kindness to those around me.

As we enter 2019, I hope this blog will continue to inspire and challenge you. We will explore new themes but kindness will always be close to our hearts and actions.

Thank you Jaime Thurston for your inspiration and the amazing work you do. Take time to have a look at the work of 52 Lives and perhaps even get hold of a copy of Kindness: the little thing that matters most to inspire you to transform lives with kindness.


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