Putting on your spring coat – a picture of hope in action

This week I’ve noticed lots of people hunched up against the wind, scurrying to get out of the cold. I find it interesting that I didn’t see much of this in January when the weather was colder! I think the reason is that these people haven’t been dressed for the chill of March. It’s easy to accept the cold of midwinter, but by March we’re hopeful that the sun will appear and give us some warmth. ‘Spring coats’ have come out of the wardrobe, even though the temperature outside is still very cold!

I can relate – at the end of February it feels like time to put away the woollies and get ready for being outdoors again. Daffodils and other spring bulbs have been heralding the Spring for a few weeks and it’s still light at 5.30pm. We want to dress and act in anticipation for the warmth, even though it has not yet materialised.

Putting on your spring coat is a great picture of hope in action. It involves placing trust in the signals that nature gives us that warmth is coming. We hear the geese migrating home and see blue tits building nests. Then we change our actions according to these signs, even though we can’t feel the warmth yet. It’s often subconscious, but we act against the negative reality because we believe something is coming, something we want to be prepared for.

We speak a lot about hope on the Peaced Together course, and how it can empower us to move forward and achieve things in spite of difficult circumstances. It takes courage, but when we put that hope into action, we move closer to the dreams we have for the future, even though the climate around us might make us want to stay in hibernation.

Sometimes we have to wait a long time for warm weather, but we can take joy each small signal of hope. Bright spring bulbs in the snow are a beautiful sight.

When you next see a signal of hope, let it encourage you. How can you dress for spring in your situation?

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