#thoughtfulthursday 2: Be Kind to unkind people


Well it’s only the second session of this kindness series and already it is challenging in places that don’t feel comfortable. Everything in us as humans wants to repay unkindness with unkindness! So, what happens if we turn this on it’s head and repay unkindness with kindness?

Jaime Thurston in her book ‘Kindness, the little thing that matters most’ says, “When someone is unkind to you, it’s tempting to stoop to their level. But much like kindness breeds kindness, hate breeds hate.” #52lives

Repaying someone with kindness means letting go of those negative feelings rather than allowing them grow and contaminate our thinking and our actions. One drop of ink in a glass of water turns the whole glass murky, kindness is like an antidote that begins to clear the water again.

I know it sounds difficult but best to practice with the little every day things in life rather than trying to muster kindness in the middle of our worst day, when kindness becomes a way of life it can help us navigate those more difficult days.


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