I love Hugs! Safe, secure, warm, friendly hugs! When I was a little girl I remember asking my mum for hugs to fill up my ‘love bucket’. Somehow, I felt more confident and at peace with the world when I had a long, warm hug from someone I trusted. Dr […]

#thoughtfulthursday 23: Hug with Heart

In the UK you often hear the phrase ‘No news is good news!’ In other words, if you’ve heard nothing, things are probably OK. Why is it we are so quick to spread bad news but fail to celebrate good news? One of our lessons in Peaced Together is about […]

#thoughtfulthursday 15: Share good news

  Well it’s only the second session of this kindness series and already it is challenging in places that don’t feel comfortable. Everything in us as humans wants to repay unkindness with unkindness! So, what happens if we turn this on it’s head and repay unkindness with kindness? Jaime Thurston […]

#thoughtfulthursday 2: Be Kind to unkind people

Rummaging through the sales in a book shop yesterday a little book caught my eye: ‘Kindness, the little thing that matters most’ by Jaime Thurston (Founder of 52 Lives). She was moved by compassion to help someone in need and got her friends and family to help. This triggered the […]

#thoughtfulthursday 1: Give kind comments

Everywhere I look I see such brokenness! Broken relationships, broken people! Pain and despair! It can be overwhelming, when was the last time you heard an encouraging, uplifting story being reported on the news? We are surrounded by images of a broken, hurting world. So often we try to drown […]

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