Rushing through life, no time to stop, to consider, to notice, swept up in a whirlwind of busyness. Does this feel familiar? It is easy to be so caught up in the busyness of life that we miss out on the opportunities all around us to be kind, to choose […]

#thoughtfulthursday 34: Beware of busyness leading to unkindness

Celebration is such a wonderful part of life. We get to share in other people’s joy as we recognise a person or significant event. We often meet up with loved ones, eat together and share wonderful experiences. But for many, celebrations can bring painful experiences to the surface. They can […]

#thoughtfulthursday 24: Make special occasions special for everyone

It takes courage to speak out, to stand up for what’s right, to shout for those who cannot shout for themselves. You may not be popular, but your words could change someone’s life for the better. Jaime Thurston challenges us to “be strong for those who can’t be and be […]

#thoughtfulthursday 14: Speak Up

Picture it: you’ve had a busy day, you’re tired, you jump on the bus or train and to your relief there is one seat left which you quickly take. But then someone else gets on the bus who you suspect needs the seat more than you… what do you do? […]

#thoughtfulthursday 11: Be a seat vigilante

Everywhere I look I see such brokenness! Broken relationships, broken people! Pain and despair! It can be overwhelming, when was the last time you heard an encouraging, uplifting story being reported on the news? We are surrounded by images of a broken, hurting world. So often we try to drown […]

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